Thursday, 15 March 2007

Independent Game Festival at GDC 2007

The Independent Game Festival (IGF) is an annual event held in conjunction with the GDC. I had the wonderful opportunity and honor to attend GDC 2007, and got a real eye-opener at the student projects on display.

One of the outstanding ones was Toblo, which was awarded Best Student Game at 2007 IGF. This was a simple game where player(s) threw blocks at each other, with the aim of capturing your opponents flags. Simple but sweet.

Incidently, the team lead, Steve Chiavelli, was the only one I managed to take a photo with before the IGF event on Wednesday (7 Mar, 2007).

Steve (all round nice guy), proposed to his sweetheart that night during the awards ceremony, and naturally, she accepted.

Go to the IGF website for videos of the night's proceedings. Look for the Best Student Game award video. Viewing the video just for the proposal is cool enough. :)

Go to digipen's site to download and play Toblo.

I enjoyed it. You just might.

Intel Game Demo Contest

Intel is holding its Intel Game Demo Contest.

There are 2 main categories:
1. Best Threaded Game - "show off the computational power of a multi-core processor"
2. Best Game on the Go - "show advances in laptop gaming. Think fun. Think fast. Think features."

Contest is now on til July 1st, 2007.

Selection is from July 1st to Aug 1st 2007. This means entries must be in by July 1st.

As usual, let me know if you are interested to join - drop me an email or give me a ring.

Go to their website for more info.

MOTODEV Game Developer Challenge

Motorola and I-play are holding the MOTODEV Game Developer Challenge. There's a Grand Prize package of an I-play game publishing deal, tons (ok maybe more than a few) of Motorola mobile phones, and more.

If you've taken MGEP or MGDE (depending on when I've taught you), you are probably eligible already. Dig out that cool game you made for Assignment x and polish it up for submission! You CAN of course whip up something entirely new and dazzle the judges. :)

Submissions are due 10 August, 2007. If you're interested, let me know by sending me an email or calling my office number.

Visit the above links for more details.

Monday, 5 March 2007

What is the Mighty SMIT?

"Mr Alvin - when is that competition held again? When's the deadline? Where do I submit my entry?"

"How do I find out more about ? How did you get to know about it?"

Events like game development competitions, IGDA Singapore chapter meetings, student meetings, interactive game competitions, come to my knowledge, and I send an email out to certain students and colleagues.

Sometimes the email hits and action gets taken - someone joins a competition upon much encouragement.

This blog aims to consolidate and inform to the best of my knowledge, Game Development related events in the Singapore region, and all related events. This includes all international events that are open to Singapore students/participants as well.