Monday, 3 September 2007

Off to Batam!... for work...?

Alrighty! I'll be off to Batam with one group of our FYP students on a "Top Secret" project for the next 3 days.

All the best for the SMIT team - Yi Heng, Desmond, Ikhwan, Darren and Timothy "Old Man" Tham. May you win top honours in the Code-a-thon! Remember to email me about your victory!


Barnabas said...

Well well, we didn't win the competition but win valuable lessons. But I am glad to say I win myself in this competition! Hoho next year, we will pwn this codeathon!!

Alvin said...

Way to go! That's the spirit that will win the day. Keep up the energy and enthusiasm! Hope to see you guys (and win!) in next year's Code-A-Thon!